In my many years of being on the internet, I’ve published music in various capacities and styles. I’ll put them on here when I (re)discover them.


Much of my recorded music (under the realm of being thmsbsh) can be found over on my Soundcloud page.

I started a (somewhat) failed project that is vaguely auxiliary to my “main” creative output called 60 Minute Songs. The idea was to spend an hour a day writing music of any sort and see where that goes. I stopped fairly sharpish as it got too boring, but I’ll occasionally whack something up there if it fits the brief.

I also have a YouTube channel, where anything with a video goes. Some guy tried to troll my bass clarinet playing.

If anyone has any recommendations for a social-media-portfolio type thing that’s good for displaying scores, I’m all ears.



I played the clarinet in a band called Captain Angelo for a bit back in 2011. We did some gigs and even went to Glastonbury, but after that for some reason never saw each other again. But a few tracks survive on the internet: Last Song Of The Guitar Boy and Compass Hearts.

There’s a couple of tracks I made once under the guise of The Sieve Project in a faintly ambient style. Some of it’s alright, I guess.

De La B was the first name by which I published music on the internet and on CD-R in the sixth form common room. Man, this shit’s old, and it’s still out there on the internet. Lost in time, like tears on MySpace.

And as far as I can remember, that’s about it!


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